Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sweet Santa Visit

        Last Friday we ventured downtown to see Santa. It went perfectly! Which was quite the change from last year's scream fest. When we arrived there were only two kiddos ahead of us. It was just the right amount to let Jayney see that Santa was nice guy and not a red-fuzzy boogie man. She didn't give us any really big smiles but was all about high fives and knuckles for the big guy. After we got our picture out of the way we had a nice lunch with Grammi Kim. Then Dusty and I did a little shopping, looked at the pretty trees and then went on a carriage ride! All in all, a great festive day!

There is the smile... once she realized Santa had given her a treat!

Waiting for the 'O'sies!

JJ's eyes were glued to that big white pony.. couldn't get her to look for even one picture
Oh what fun it is to ride on a two horse open sleigh er, carriage... that is how it goes, right?

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