Sunday, December 15, 2013

Oh {REAL} Christmas Tree!

    We are very lucky to have a good sized patch of woods right out our door. This is wonderful on many occasions but especially for Christmas! Since I am allergic to Christmas trees (don’t laugh, it is a real thing) we have to have a faker but we love helping Grandpa Tim pick his out. This was Jayney’s first year getting to go and she really loved it! We saw deer, some birds, and the truck ride out there was extra bumpy; all things JJ is super excited about. Plus Grandpa- aka JJ’s favorite person- was there too so that definitely made it a winning event! I think that favorite person feeling is mutual. Jayney liked walking in the woods and cleaning the light dusting of snow off the fallen trees. Who knew there was so very much “clean clean”-ing to be done in the forest! After finding a decent looking tree we let it warm up in the shop for a couple of days then we got to help Grandpa decorate his tree too!

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