Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thankful for Family

          We are very thankful to have so many family members close to us! Just look at our Thanksgiving dinner guests! Within a 40 minute drive (or much less) our lucky Jayney has three grandparents, two great aunts and uncles, three great grandparents, one aunt (two on holiday breaks) and some second cousins to round out the bunch! It doesn’t get much better than that for a little girl! – And the extra close babysitters are handy for her parents too ;)

Thanks Captain Steve for getting a great picture of everyone!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Week

           We love to party. We REALLY love to PARTY! No seriously; from September through February we host a minimum of four good sized events with our family or friends. Usually there is a friend or two that we help with a baby shower or birthday party somewhere in there too. I often have people ask me why we put ourselves through all the work. There are time I wonder that myself too... I wouldn’t say it is easy and I am sure I drive my husband nuts with requests like a cardboard castle or hay maze! But it is always worth it! Well, not necessarily all the wild decorations, but curiously that seems to be how I do things. I don’t mean to be over the top… it just happens. Dusty laughs every time we start talking about our next party because of how many times I can say “and” in the description of how it will look or go. I have lots of ideas people...Umm, and lots of Pinterest! but now I am off topic. Where was I, well it is worth it; the time that is. The time we devote to being in relationship with our friends and family is worth it! We are able to draw friends in with these events and make connections stronger. We get a chance to see our friends interact with their kids and learn from their parenting. We enjoy creating an opportunity where our friends from different social circles can cross paths and get to know each other. We are able to share our farm and the other gifts that God has given us. We get to share a meal or treats and take time out our crazy week to just have some good old fashion fun with the people we love!
Here is a look at our most recent fun event:

             Later in the week, we went to to a friends party at a park and then had a little down time of as a family carving pumpkins.