Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jayney Goes Fast... and likes it!

A few days before Christmas we had a pretty good snow and the weather following was not terribly blizzard like. So it seemed like a perfect opportunity to take our little snow princess sledding! Since she is still so little (or so we like to try and tell ourselves) I figured she wouldn't really like sledding much this year. Boy, was I wrong! The girl was absolutely crazy about it! When we would slide down the small hill she would grin from ear to ear, giggle, and flap her arms as fast as she could. It didn't take her long to figure out that the fun started at the top of the hill. While we carried her back up to the top of the slope she would squeal excitedly and babble wildly as we got situated to go down again. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen her do in her whole ten months!


Happy Holiday Hiatus

I hope all five of our faithful readers out there have had a wonderful Christmas season. We took quite a holiday hiatus in our house from pretty much anything even resembling work, including blogging. Obviously there were a few things, for the sake of hygiene that had to be maintained such as dishes and laundry. But for the most part we have done very little in the way of big projects in the last few weeks and MAN was it nice! My favorite part was Dusty took several days off altogether from doing the winter farm work. I could tell JJ really loved all the quality time with daddy! We have enjoyed our winter break (from normal life, not school like in years past) by decorating for our house for Christmas, seeing/ screaming at Santa, watching an infinite number of Christmas movies, baking (and eating) yummy treats, taking JJ sledding (those pictures will be in another post) swimming at the YMCA, visiting with family/friends, and of course opening lots of great gifts! We hope your holidays have also been splendid. Now that we are finally finding our rhythm again, here are a few (wink, wink) pictures of all of our holiday fun :)
Hanging out while decorating
Hanging "JJ's 1st Christmas" ornament

Did not like leaving the ornament on the tree
Downtown to Christmas shop and meet the big guy.

Not a fan of Santa

Delicious new pacifier

Oh what fun it is to ride in a two horse open carriage

So excited to pet the big pony

This is Jayney looking guilty and thinking "My parents don't know that I got this candy cane package open yet!"

Attacking mom to wake her up from a nap

Thinking about getting into trouble

Stole a bell off the tree

Tried to eat the bell

Got mad that mom and dad won't let me stick the whole bell in my mouth
New barricade to prevent bell stealing. Those front three big ones are just big heavy text books!
Christmas 'jams from Auntie Lynn

Ready to open gifts!

Excited to actually be able to touch the gifts without getting in trouble
JJ loved ripping off the paper


"Look at all my new goodies!"
"Finally they let me play with something for more than a second before they make me open another!"
Christmas at the Walsh house
Grandpa showing JJ how to drive her first tractor
She is a natural!

Christmas at the Price house
"Off to steal myself some gifts"
Giggly with Auntie Lexi
And Auntie Alli too

Grandma's favorite gift!

On to Christmas at the Slater house

More blocks, YAY!

Back home after a fun day!
"What do you mean Christmas is OVER?"

All bundled up for visiting dad outside
Family pool time at the Y
"Jumping" in the water
Such a Daddy's girl
Reading one of her new books!