Saturday, February 15, 2014

Aloha JJ is two!

Hawaii... There are not enough words in the world to describe the awesomeness of our Hawaiian vacation. We had so much fun enjoying the time in the sun and being away from late January in Spokane. Our trip started on Maui with a great condo steps from the beach, it was the perfect relaxing start to our trip. After five BEAUTIFUL days there, seeing the aquarium, whale watching, driving the coast, and seeing sunrise at 10k feet, we hopped a quick flight to Oahu.

 We spent the rest of our trip in Waikiki. We filled the first few days with all the tropical pleasures we could, playing on warm beaches, hiking up mountains and in rainforests, plus snorkeling with the fish. Our time in nature was balanced with a girls visit to the zoo, followed by hanging out in our condo while the guys saw the Pearl harbor exhibits, mom and dad got a much treasured true blue date night out leaving JJ and grandpa with an evening of movies. On our last day we spent every minute on the beach until Jayney literally feel asleep in the sand, but we made it back down to the shore after nap time to take in our last sunset of the trip, and oh what a wonderful sunset it was that night!


Through our whole trip our little not quite two year old was a fabulous traveler! The small problems that we had with her, being a picky eater and the occasional usual two year old whines, were still there just like if we were at home. BUT she acquired no new problems, slept well, sometimes even on the go, kept us laughing on long car rides, and was truly excited to see new things. I think she adapted to our busy days of travel better than any of her adult companions!
Jayney's easy going travel nature really helped the trip go smoothly. When we got back home, like any great vacation, we all wished we were still in aloha mode. So we had a Little Luau party for JJ's second birthday!
Her party was a blast and we were thrilled to share it with so many friends and family. It wasn't quite as hot as our island getaway but that sweet little toddler warmed up the place with her 1000 watt smile more than any gloomy February day!


Hard to believe that it was already two years ago, our sweet little Jayney Joy was born! Her name means God is gracious. And every day for the last two years we have seen just that... A more amazing gift than we could have ever imagined possible! We love you, JJ, our precious Peach!