Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Never-ending aka Living the Two-year-old Dream

  Christmas is a special time that comes around only one day a year…. Unless you are like us and are lucky enough to have a TON of family in town. Then like JJ you get to celebrate for days at all the different family members houses! I think she had a great Christmas and it was really fun to see her unwrapping skills get better as the festivities continue.  Here is a peek into what our Christmas looked like this year!

Christmas Eve at Grandpa Tim's with Aunt Lynn and Uncle Frank

Christmas Morning at our house

Christmas at Great Grandma Lois and Great Grandpa Paul's House

Christmas at Grammi Kim and Captain Steve's house with the Twinzies and Grandma Great


As you can probably tell our little princess was thoroughly spoiled this year.
Our families generosity is bigger than our house... now where to put all these toys?! ;)



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