Thursday, August 18, 2011

Camping again!

So here I am realizing that I have once again gotten behind on my blog updates. I am going to pretend that it was intentional and I would appreciate if you would play along. Just think of it this way, instead of posting right after a fun event when I am already on a vacation high, in my lack of timeliness I will say that I am pleasantly reflecting on recent events. In a way this spreads out the excitement, making it seem to last longer. As opposed to posting immediately and crashing back to reality upon noting that we will have to go back to regular life with work and laundry. Or if you see through all that smoke and mirrors, you will know I am still a procrastinator with things that don’t have a hard and fast deadline, such as this blog! Whatever side you feel may be the truth, here us an update on our camping trip from a few weeks ago.

The bulk of hay harvest was wrapping up, finally! Dusty and I were hoping to sneak in a few days in our favorite local camping spot before he got wrapped up into wheat harvest. However, since finishing up hay is sort of an intangible thing and there were a lot of factors playing into when the guys would call it quits for a few days, knowing when exactly we could go was a bit of a mystery. With farming there is always a long list of things that “should” be done but could wait if they are less of a priority to other things on the list. We knew we would take the 5th wheel and go camping north of Sandpoint for about three days. We didn’t know exactly when those three days were going to start.

At the time we were working through all of this information (or lack there-of) we had some friends from our church mention they were planning to go camping too. They had a location in mind but didn’t have it set in stone. Dusty and I thought it would be fun if they came camping at our spot and since our friends are very patient people they waited around to hear word if our camping timeline would line up with theirs! By some sort of farming miracle, and Dusty working more hours in two days than I thought humanly possible, everything timed out perfectly.

We all caravanned north and set up our site. There were eleven big kids, nine little kids and two dogs all running around in the woods. It was a busy place and we all had a great time. The majority of our group (especially the littlest bunch) could be found in the creek or at the pond for a large majority of the trip. The men also worked on a dam and managed to make a pretty significant pool of water. Of course there were campfires, s’mores, and time to just relax. The kids even made it through the vigorous hike to the waterfall! I was really impressed with their endurance considering the oldest of the kids was all of six years old.

After a wonderful weekend, our friends packed up and headed home. Dusty went up the cabin to visit his Great Uncle Everett and see if he needed help with any projects. While they were working I got our 5th wheel ready to travel. Then I took a nap. Before I hit the couch I put the dogs in their kennels, which were tucked in the shade under the hitch of our trailer, so I wouldn’t have to worry about them wandering off. This is where things got really interesting. I’d been lounging for a while and had just left consciousness when I woke up to one of the dogs barking. It seemed strange because it wasn’t a bark I heard very often. Coby barks at just about everything; however the sound I was hearing was Moosey. I sat up and I saw moose… not our Moosey but a big honking mama moose! She was huge and standing just a few feet off the end of our trailers awning. I sat there frozen for a moment, very glad I had put the dogs in their boxes and even more relieved that I decided to nap inside as opposed to on the hammock outside! Then the moose darted off towards the thick brush. Her movement unfroze me and I darted too, for my camera. I watched and waited, trying to catch a glimpse of the moose peeking from the bushes. I had just given up and went back to cleaning when the pups both started barking again. I looked out the window and saw the moose slowly skirting the edge of our campground with her baby. She was much further away this time but clearly visible. It was so cool to watch her move through the trees and out of sight. A little later, Dusty came back from the cabin and we too started our trip back home, but unlike everyone else I had moose pictures!