Friday, October 19, 2012

Green Bluff Fun

Every year we make a trip up to Green Bluff. This year we made two! The first trip the weather was just amazing! We could not have asked for a more perfect Fall day! Jayney was fascinated by the apples and by the faces she was learning from Grandpa Tim. The second trip was a little colder but still lots of fun and a good excuse for JJ to wear her Halloween tutu!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Swimming Shrimp!

Our little lady took her first swimming lessons this Fall! I use the word lessons rather loosely as it was for babies that cant even walk let alone swim on their own yet. None the less it was a great water exploration and splashing around playtime! We went to classes at the YMCA two days a week for a month. We even had Grandma Kim and Daddy come to watch. On the last week Dusty was actually able to get in and swim too. It was awesome to see Jayney get a little better and more comfortable in the water each lesson.

Friday, October 5, 2012

JJ is eating food!

Jayney is trying food now!
It is pretty exciting for this mama to see her getting some nutrients in a form other than breast milk. I really want to be able to nurse her to a year, as many sources say it is what is healthiest for babies, but there are days when I really wish she was not so dependent on me. But I am thankful that I have a stay-at -home mom lifestyle and body that is able to solely support her in this way. I know there will come a day (probably far sooner than I am ready for it) when I will miss this sweet simple stage of life. 

Anyhow, here are some silly faces she has made as we have tried new foods. So far we have not had much luck in finding something she truly enjoys eating. Yogurt, Pears and apple sauce have been as close to success as we have encountered, as she will eat them more that just the first time. We are doing everything we can to encourage her to try new things and make it a positive, pressure-free experience. It is so tempting to succumb to giving her junk foods in an attempt to find something she likes eating but with the exception of a drip of ice cream here and there we have really worked to stick to trying the healthy finger food, soft fruits, and veggies. None the less we are crossing our fingers and praying like crazy with each newly opened jar of baby food, that one day she will suddenly decide she likes green beans!

First time for Cereal

Jayney wanted to hold the spoon too!

Our happy little mess!

Mmm Green Beans at the lake

Rice cracker while out to dinner
Carrots were interesting

Dad showing JJ how to eat peas

Such a messy girl!
Get that pear sauce! GRRR

Ooooh Yogurt stays in!
More yogurt yay!
Squash on Halloween weekend
Cheese ...well this is tasty!
Mom, where have you been hiding this cheese stuff!?

OK, she isn't actually eating the pumpkin but it is cute!