Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall is here!

We are loving fall. I have been having a great time getting things ready for Halloween. We pulled out some of Dustys old clothes and stuffed them with straw to make a scarecrow. This is how it turned out.

 Last weekend we a great time at Silverwood. Except, in October they change everything to "Scarywood" and decorate for Halloween. We went with our friends Craig and Michelle; they are who told us about it too. And we are very glad they did because it was so much fun. I do think that they would have liked the haunted train ride and the maze to be a bit more frightful but it was plenty scary for us. Dusty and I are big wimps when it comes to haunted house and such so we liked the slightly more kid friendly version. We went on rides roller coasters during the day and that was plenty of excitement for us. Here are a few pictures of the fun we all had on rides. Thanks again to Craig and Michelle for letting us tag along!