Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our Guys are GREAT!

We went back to Harrison to for Father’s Day also this year. Our day was filled with a moose sighting, a fun bike ride with speedy Grandpa Tim, another spotting of a not so happy moose-no picture for obvious reason as we didn’t stop when she was charging at us, followed by ice cream, a relaxing picnic at the park, and an evening visiting on Captain Steve’s boat.  It was fantastic to spend time with all the great dads on their special day!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Berry Happy, Berry Pickin'

June brought a little break in the haying season after some rain. Once the sun came out the hay still needed to dry and we used the time to go strawberry picking. We went to two different farms on Green Bluff and found a great harvest. Jayney got her fill while we were picking. I think we could have doubled our bounty if we could have got her to put the berries in the basket instead of her mouth. There was NO stopping her once she figured out there were berries on the plants. JJ snatched them right off and chomped them down, stem, leaves and all. The first few fruits we tried to stop her and have a lesson on what was ripe to pick and what was edible... but it was less than a teachable moment so we let her just go back to snacking green berries as she pleased.  

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Day Getaway

This year we spent our Memorial Day weekend at the cabin. It was a really fun weekend watching movies at the cabin, playing with our little person and we got to put our bike trailer to good use not just once but twice over the weekend. Dusty and I put in about 22 miles on the trail at Harrison. Then we got to meet the Cordill’s for a 3.5 mile hike and barbeque at Mineral Ridge. Last but not least, we met up with the Rogers clan for another 16 miles and playtime intermission in a great bike ride. Dusty is amazing at towing or packing our happy little camper, and she is very willing to bump along and look for birds and flowers- those are two of her favorite new words to say and sign. All the adventuring wore our Jayney out and she conked as soon as she got in the car seat after each outing. Dusty and I enjoyed taking the long way back to the cabin and chatting without baby distracting our conversation. Our back road cruising also treated us with some beautiful views and creature spotting, including a moose with a calf and later a small black bear. It was a wonderful weekend together with beautiful weather and great friends.