Friday, April 16, 2010


My Puppy was born yesterday! I am so excited about this fact I just had to share it with the world. I feel a little bit like a new mother. Minus the pregnancy, morning sickness, weight gain, pain of birth, and....well basically all the difficult parts, ha ha ha. I guess it is not so much like having a baby except for the REALLY happy part. Which is more than enough for me.
I haven't seen the litter of pups yet because they live in the Tri-cities. I am hoping Dusty and I will be able to go visit them very soon though. The litter is a mix of yellow and black lab puppies. I am getting a yellow female in about 8 weeks. If you want one too just let me know and I can help get you in contact with the right guy. If you are looking at the calendar right now, you will notice that date is approximately one day after school is out for the year! Could this have possibly have had any better timing? I think not.
Here are a few pictures but they are not actually any of the puppies I will be picking from. However they are the pups from the same parents, just a litter that was born last fall, not the current puppies. None the less they will look exactly like this and be oh so cute!

UPDATE: These are pictures from the current litter born on 4-14. One of these little yellow ones is going to be mine!