Saturday, June 14, 2014

RT to OR

Road Trip! When we had friends from college, Grant and Andrea, ask to travel along with them to the Oregon beach we knew it was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. And it just so happened that our travels were just a week after Grant and Andreas' 6 year wedding anniversary and the weekend of ours. We arranged it so each couple got a date night one evening while we were traveling. Truly awesome to travel and see the sights with the kids but still get a bit of time to just be ourselves too. We were a little nervous about a weekend of JJ with two kids she isn't used to being around since we sometimes have trouble with her not wanting to get along, meaning LOTS of fully supervised, hands on parenting for us. But she did better than we expected and their two kids were very sweet with her. Their ages made for two great playmates as she is almost exactly 13 months younger than Noah, so he is extra cool in her book and on the other side, JJ is about 13 months older than "baby" Lydia! . It was so fun to have friends to share the drive with, watch our kiddos play together, and we are looking forward many more trips together in the future!