Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Advent Activites and Traditions

          Traditions are so fun! I love remembering the same event and looking at how much has changed over the year. While the traditions are not as important as the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus, they are still a fun way to get in the cultural holiday spirit and have the “warm fuzzies” making memories as a whole family. This year we are doing a little advent calendar that we put together. We have planned out special activities to do throughout the holiday season. Most of the activities are things we have done in past years that we knew we would want to make a tradition again and a few others were new ideas that we want to try. The ideas vary from super simple {read a Christmas story or get a treat at Starbucks-on a day when I know we will be busy} to more planned out family events {go look at a special Christmas light display at Manito} Here are a few of the things we did. Eventually others may be posted on their own like our Santa visit but this give you a good idea of how much fun we have been having together!
                  We got a bit of a head start and actually decorated before our calendar started.
Decorating with Great Grandma Lois
Reading Stories

Painting a picture for someone special
Going to a hockey game with friends

Have a special breakfast and a Christmas show

Get a treat at in town

Look at the lights at Manito

and Take a picture by the tree

So much fun being almost two!
More activities to come with Christmas just a week away!

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