Saturday, February 7, 2015

Celebrating three, UNDER THE SEA!

I can't believe we are celebrating a third birthday for this little princess! Where does the time go? After her special pool party she asked if she "can turn back to two and a half now?" I desperately wanted to say "YES, forever!" I have so enjoyed this age of growing independence, excitement for learning, a nearly unfiltered window into her emotions and understanding her thoughts through the constant stream of words from our sweet little chatter box. Dusty and I are so thankful for her joyful spunk and delighted giggles brightening our life! We are feel incredibly blessed to have had many great friends and family come party Little Mermaid style with us. Thank you all for graciously spoiling our Jayney Joy! 


Snacks YUM 
Having "Mermaid races" with Uncle Chris... something we now have to do every time we go to the pool. So thanks for that ;) 

 Hanging out in the whirl pool with JJ's "big guys"... She sure is sweet on the Jones boys! But do you blame her? Just look how much fun they are!

Testing out all the new FUN! 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Our Snow LOVIN' Babe!

JJ loves snow almost as much as her daddy! We didn't have much of the white stuff this winter, which this wobbly pregnant lady was just fine with but when we did get a bit it was perfect! Jayney and Dusty had so much fun sledding, building snowmen, and snowmobiling all while I had fun trying to snap a picture as she zipped around!

 Isn't she a beauty!?!

And when there isn't anymore snow what did they like to do? Take JJ for her first time ice skating of course!