Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Note from Dusty

As winter sets in we move the majority of our lives inside. We are great fans of the outdoors, but this time of year the inside of our home becomes full of beautiful decorations, great food, and family and friends. One of the most striking differences that has come about since Erin and I have been married has been the appearance of our home here on the farm. Erin has taken a hodgepodge of furniture from the 60s and whatever decorations I happened to collect over the first 20 years of my life and rearranged a little here, packed away a few things there, bought a couple matching things for this room and that and transformed our “tin-box” into a very welcoming home. As we were putting up our Christmas decorations this year I noticed her ability to make things look really nice, who knew coordinating colors could make such a difference. I have always loved Christmas decorations and so here are a few pictures to bring our home to yours.   

Despite decorating indoors, I always look forward to cutting a Christmas tree out of the woods for the farm house. This year Erin came with Dad and I on the hunt for the elusive perfect… well, the elusive good enough fir tree. As Dad said, they start looking better and better the longer you are looking. We only added three branches to fill in the tree we found this year, so it was a pretty good find. Since Erin came, we have photo documentation of our adventure.