Sunday, November 30, 2014

Photo Fall

Fall presented some unique challenges this year, being busy on many different projects and emotional hardships for our family but we still tried to fit in some fun. Since a picture is worth a thousand words we will just let our photos do the talking!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Project learn to share

Jayney has a new assignment in her little two and a half year old life. She must learn to share!!! Like many kids before her, this is not a natural strong suit of hers. But we have a new plan that we have been told by many parents is sure to do the trick...
We are all thrilled by this news, and even though we haven't fully explained the concept to JJ, she is already wearing her new title proudly!
   ***Update: early November: We now know that Jayney is going to get challenged with the special JOY that is a sister. Hooray another precious girl! JJ is very pleased with this and we are too, especially since she had told us many times "it cant be a boy!" Whew, glad that worked out in our favor. Plus we are already set with lots of adorable little girl things around our home.
Most important though, from this ultrasound, we are updated with another confirmation that Baby Sister is perfectly healthy as far as anyone can tell and continues to grow as expected!