Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer is coming!

Jayney is getting ready for summer she has her been testing out her shorts, sunglasses and hanging out in the garden. Now if the weather would just stay nice so she can wear all her cute summer outfits we would be so excited!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Here are some pictures of Dusty and his little Carhartt girl! Could they be any cuter together? This baby seriously loves her daddy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two Month Update Sprinkled with Pictures

Our Jayney Joy is TWO MONTHS old! Actually two months was on Saturday, but I have been waiting to post this until we had the newest stats from her doctor’s visit today. Jayney is growing like a weed right now, and I can’t believe how much she changes every day! Here are her new numbers: JJ is 11 pounds 1.5 ounces, putting her in the 50th percentile for weight. That is down a little from the 75th for weight at her one month but it is quite possible that she had been putting a lot of her energy into growing taller as she is now 23 and ¾ inches. That lands her in the 95th percentile for height and means she has grown almost 4 inches longer than when she was born! Wow, can you say long and lean?

St Patrick's Day dress up!
Getting suited up for a walk

Hanging with Dad on his lunch break
As far as sleep goes, we continue to be impossibly blessed! At 5 weeks JJ started giving us at least six straight hours of rest at night. After the first few nights of sleeping six plus hours I thought we were just getting lucky and was afraid it wouldn’t last, but it has continued to get better with each night! I am thrilled to say that now at 9 weeks and a few days old Jayney regularly sleeps between 7.5 and 9 hours at night! I am so thankful to have a baby that loves her sleep as much as I do!
Still happy after a full morning of shopping
Pretty good at sitting up against the couch without the Boppy
Walking in the SUNSHINE
Daddy's Girl for sure!
All that sleep at night means lots of energy during the day. I am excited to have her awake, alert and playful more every day. She is getting to be quite proficient at holding up her head on her own! She clearly prefers practicing this in her Bumbo seat or Boppy, over her play mat. She is doing okay with her tummy time but not a huge fan of it unless she is face to face on someone’s chest. Jayney loves the toys above her play mat when she is on her back though and likes to bat at them wildly.

We may have quite a little ham on our hands!
Enjoying play mat time now
In the last month Jayney has learned another new trick thanks to her dad. Dusty taught her how to stick out her tongue! It is pretty cute to watch her see Dusty make a face, think about it really hard, then out comes the tongue. It pops out slow at first but as soon as she realizes she has done it it pops in and out faster. JJ will repeat this little trick over and over with less of a pause in between each time. Usually we end up giggling hysterically and Jayney just starts grinning from ear to ear. We are seeing more of her funny little personality every day!

Say cheese!
I know a baby holding up her head or sticking her tongue out may not sound that fantastic but I still think it is amazing to watch her learn a new skill, even if it is a silly one! It is so amusing to sit with her and listen to her new little coos, while watching her make adorable faces! I could just sit and stare at her all day. Although the hour and a half milk comas she has each morning and late afternoon are rather helpful in letting me get caught up with things around the house. 
Ready for Spring flowers
Bunny Baby
Bunny kicking up a storm!
Sweeter than Chocolate
Hoppy Easter!
 In between her feeding induced sleep, Jayney is a very smiley girl! She is nursing every four-ish hours but is just as happy taking a bottle if we are out and about. Whenever we put JJ in the car, she is snoring within a few minutes of hitting the road. It makes traveling super trouble-free! It still seems like she doesn’t cry that much. When the rare occasion does arise to make her upset, she is quick to calm down. She has some very consistent “tells” that simply let us know what she wants.

All ready for Easter!
Miss JJ in her Easter dress
I honestly don’t think we deserve to have such a great baby. I know her patience is not a product of our parenting; Jayney is just easy all on her own! I know all parents think their child is the most perfect thing to hit the earth’s surface but we really think Jayney might be an angel. She is a blessing in our lives in every way and I know her cheerful, easy-going nature is truly a gift from God! 
I love our new definition of a family picture
Our sleepy girl

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Night Out on April 1st

I have such a wonderful man in my life; he seriously spoils me rotten!  This last Sunday we had a great day together. It started off with Dusty giving Jayney a bottle and hanging out together in the morning until she conked out again. This meant I got to sleep in till almost ten o’clock and when I did get up it was to Dusty telling me he had made my favorite breakfast of hash browns and bacon! When I got out to the kitchen I also saw a beautiful bouquet with my favorite flowers daisies and yellow roses. I was so impressed that Dusty did not just pick it out but actually created it by putting several simpler bunches together into a unique arrangement made just for me.  Next I fed JJ and got myself ready for church. While I did my makeup, Dusty got himself AND baby all dressed for the day.
Raise your hand if you are adorable!

All ready for church

Happy Girl
After Church Dusty took me shopping for new clothes, just because I had a coupon that was about to expire! As a girl it makes me so happy that he understands that I love new things every once in a while and getting a good deal makes it so much sweeter. Then we went home for a little while. Dusty moved some cows around and Jayney and I took a short nap.  After our nap, it was time to get ready to leave again but this time it would just be two of us going away!
We left our baby at home, eeek! It was not fun at first but I sincerely think that I had a harder time with this than JJ. It helped to leave her in our house and smiling away with Grandpa Tim as her babysitter. I tried to convince myself that I was leaving her at home for Tim’s sake, not that he was watching her for our sake! It was so strange not having Jayney with me after being around her all the time for the last eight weeks and the previous nine months for that matter! I kept thinking I had forgotten something and had to remind myself that Tim would surely be enjoying his time at home with her.

Oh Hi Grandpa!

Once I managed to detach myself from baby, Dusty and I left for a hockey game that my sister Alli got us some tickets to through her internship with the Chiefs. We picked up my Grandma on the way and met my mom there. The game was fantastic and the Chiefs won three to one! My Mom offered to drive my Grandma home so we could save a few minutes and get back to Jayney sooner.

When we got home Jayney was asleep on Grandpa’s lap. She opened her eyes when she heard us talking looked right at me, made a confused face and then went back to sleep. Clearly, she was very upset that we had been gone for about five hours.
As you can see JJ is very concerned that we were gone...
The last bit of our evening was spent cuddling with baby on the couch and just relaxing with Dusty. As we were getting ready to go to bed I thanked Dusty for making it such a great day. He then laughed and said “I supposed I should have waited to do all that for a holiday or special occasion.” I reminded him that it was April Fool’s Day and his response just made me melt. Dusty said “I guess that works, after all I am a fool for you! “ Isn’t that sweet? I could not have found a better guy to spend the rest of my life with if I tried!