Sunday, August 31, 2014

Summer means...

For us as a family summer means the busy season. In past summers we have found ourselves frustrated at the dichotomy that is our crazy harvest schedule life and the social impression that summer should be a time to refresh and recharge. Honestly, I am glad other people have that since it is when they have more downtime from work or with school schedules, it is certainly needed. But just the same it can be really hard seeing others with this grin that says "ahhh relaxing summertime,"  while your own life feels like it is filled with to-dos and moving at warp speed. Despite Dusty working about a million hours a week, or so it seems, we do our best to try and make time as a family to have fun, sneak off to the lake cabin for a night or two when we can, and enjoy the short window of great weather the pacific northwest offers.
When life made it so Dusty was too busy literally "making hay while the sun shines" Jayney and I really enjoyed having friends around that could share some of their summer recreational time with us. I am not one to often venture out just JJ and I, without a friend to meet or Dusty along, so this was a great and big change for us. The last two summers when I often felt stuck in my un-air-conditioned house, confined by mysteriously changing nap schedules and imagined obligations to the garden. But this year with JJ on a more consistent schedule, knowing how much I needed to devote to the garden and when I could be free to plan fun time away, made for a summer that was a great mix of family time, moms group play dates and visiting with friends. All in all  it was a fantastic summer getting to spend many days in our yard/garden, at the lake, visiting the pool, and a good dose of park time too!