Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Never-ending aka Living the Two-year-old Dream

  Christmas is a special time that comes around only one day a year…. Unless you are like us and are lucky enough to have a TON of family in town. Then like JJ you get to celebrate for days at all the different family members houses! I think she had a great Christmas and it was really fun to see her unwrapping skills get better as the festivities continue.  Here is a peek into what our Christmas looked like this year!

Christmas Eve at Grandpa Tim's with Aunt Lynn and Uncle Frank

Christmas Morning at our house

Christmas at Great Grandma Lois and Great Grandpa Paul's House

Christmas at Grammi Kim and Captain Steve's house with the Twinzies and Grandma Great


As you can probably tell our little princess was thoroughly spoiled this year.
Our families generosity is bigger than our house... now where to put all these toys?! ;)



Monday, December 23, 2013

Magical Christmas Cookie Making

This Christmas we took some time as a family to make cookies. Dusty and I had already done most of our holiday treat making and baking during nap times as that is much easier than when there is a little person underfoot. I wanted to make sure Jayney was in on one batch though, for traditions sake. So together we all made cookies. And you know what it could NOT have gone any better. JJ was a delightful helper, pouring and mixing with happy little giggles. Which was really something considering I fully expected a big toddler melt down when we didn’t let her complete every step unassisted. There was no crying, no spilling or throwing, and no fits at all. There was laughter, kissing, and one very sweet Jayney. The whole evening event was positively magical!

We wore out our little helper

Treat thief 

and this awesome guy did ALL the dishes!
This Christmas our friends and family might receive a gift of  a few extra pounds

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our Perfect Girl

I once saw an old saying that read "There is one perfect child in the world, and every mother has it." Our little Jayney fits that so well! I just love her sweet little heart of gold. I am so continually amazed and blessed by how adorable she can be. I have more fun being a mom than I thought could ever be possible. Now there are still days that have tougher than expected moments but each day as Jayney gets older, she is more understanding of those tough situations.  Here are a few of the reasons we love our sweet Jayney.
More often than not now days, we get smiles and a happy girl.

She loves to clean-clean

She is getting better at eating solid food

She loves books
She ADORES her daddy
She likes to just chill

She knows how to have fun but is still cautious and usually asks for help when needed

She can play well with others... when she wants to anyways
                                                     She likes to be outside, year round

She tries to obey... I told her to sit down "BY" mama. This is not quite what I had in mind but does fit the description ha ha!

She is has "selfie" shots mastered and likes working the camera.... at least by two-year old standards
She loves her sleep... and we love her sleep too :)
Really what more could we ask for, this little person is the best!