Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Warm Winter Shower

Although the name for this particular post may fit our unseasonably warm and somewhat rainy weather, it more importantly describes the wonderful baby shower I was given. My mom and sisters hosted it for me just before Christmas at my parents’ house. I loved how festive everything looked with all the baby stuff and Christmas decorations.

Dusty and I were blessed with so many adorable outfits for our little one, most of which were pink of course! We also were given many other baby essentials that, although may not have made me squeal as I was overwhelmed with cuteness, I am sure we will be extra thankful for very soon. For example, I know we will be happy to have received diapers, diaper rash cream, and a Diaper Genie once our girl is here and starts superbly stinking up our house.

Dusty played a part in helping make my shower special too! He knows my favorite place to get treats in town is a little shop called Sweet Dreams Bakery. So he went to the bakery picked out and secretly ordered a cake for me. Then he coordinated getting the cake to my mom’s house without me knowing about or seeing it. When shower day arrived I had expected to see a simple Costco cake on the table but I was delightfully surprised to see this beautiful picture of deliciousness waiting for me. The frosting is absolutely amazing!
Last but certainly not least, I was so excited that some of our out of town friends were able to join us in the celebration. We had guests traveling in from all over Spokane of course, some from Post Falls, and a few made the trek from Pullman and the Tri-cities too! It was a wonderful day and we really appreciate everyone that was able to join us or sent well wishes for baby!

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