Saturday, January 28, 2012

Babies Have a Mind of Their Own

(38 weeks 3 days, and looking like I'm ready to pop! You can also see the pretty roses Dusty gave me tonight before our date)

I am learning before our little person even arrives that she definitely has a mind of her own. Not a big surprise given the example has in us for parents. For better (Dusty) or worse (Erin) we both tend to be strong willed, or possibly even a bit bull headed. Well, this little one is making me think she has picked up those traits from us already.  She has made it fairly clear she is quite content where she is residing and doesn’t have plans to join us out here until she is good and ready.

I have been dilating for several weeks now and effacing too, as is needed to get all the labor processes moving along. My doctor has said each time we have been in that it “could be any day” and baby is MORE than big enough to be ready to meet the world. We are doing our best to progress things by walking, keeping ourselves busy and well…staying active! Most of which seems to be having little impact on the movement of baby.
Now this does not mean that baby s completely ignoring me. Sometimes I wonder if she thinks she is pretty funny playing tricks because she has taken to doing it fairly often. Currently she likes to sit on my hip bone at night making my leg feel like it is asleep or numb. This is tolerable at first but after a few hours it makes sleeping out of the question.  I also believe that she may have taken up boxing, and has decided to use that little squished bladder as the punching bag. The game we played yesterday was to start some fairly strong contractions going, get them in a nice regular pattern, then out of nowhere just stop and continue with a quiet night. It was very exciting for the hour or two that the contractions were getting closer together and stronger, thinking that we would get to meet this stubborn little person soon. Then the contractions subsided and left me wondering when the big day will be once again.  Oooof,  it appears we have quite the independent thinker growing away and in the game of making life uncomfortable baby is winning by a long shot!
P.S.  A few days ago I also thought my water had broken. As it turned out I just didn’t put the lid on my water BOTTLE tight enough and it had leaked all over my lap. False alarm…


  1. I'm a firm believer in pressure points. I had our little one less than 24 hours after doing them. My friend was the same way. Google it if you want to give it s try.

  2. I have enjoyed reading all of your blogs posts! They always bring a smile to my face friend. I had to laugh, because if she is even a drop like you Erin your in TROUBLE! haha (with much love from me as being just as much trouble :) I hope she is here soon.