Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Space for the Bump

Since Erin is always so good about keeping everyone up to date about what I am doing, I thought it was my turn to brag on her a bit. Even before her craft cottage was complete Erin has had a vision of a beautiful space for our little one. I have been amazed at how beautiful she has been able to make our nursery without buying all new furnishings.

Once we found out we were expecting a girl, Erin and I fell in love with a cute crib bedding set. I especially appreciate that it has just the right amount of pink. My dad and I were able to order it for Erin’s birthday and as soon as she opened it her vision for the room began to take shape. It was amazing to see her eyes light up when she opened the bedding set up.

We had decided to use my old crib and dresser, but they needed a coat of new paint, so with bedding set in hand off to home depot we went. As you can tell from the pictures Erin did a great job of taking my ugly old dresser and transforming it into a perfect dresser for a little girl. I love her taste in colors. With the dresser painted and the crib adorned with a new coast of white paint to whole room really tied together. Now that things are all arranged Erin and I both catch ourselves stopping in the hall and just looking in the room.
 (Yes, the wood sign on the wall is backwards. It has a baby's secret name on the other side!)

I am so blessed to have a wife who is so excited to be a mom. While waiting for our little one to arrive is full of unknowns and potential worries, the beautiful nursery fills us with joy and reminds us of the blessings yet to come.

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  1. So cute!

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