Saturday, December 13, 2014

'Nastics at the Gym

This September JJ started a Spokane Gymnastics class! Or as she called it for several weeks, " Nastics at the gym." It was a very fun parent and tot PE like class with a fabulous instructor!  I was truly impressed with the progression of the class; it was well thought out, designed at a challenging but attainable level for the kids and most all the instructions were in rhyme! We are hoping to do the next class up sometime in the future, perhaps in the spring. That would not be a mommy and me style but a true class with a coach leading and mom just sitting and watching. This class was also extra exciting because two of JJ's favorite playmates, Ellie and Amelia, were also enrolled. Watching them all doing the different skills was just adorable and sometimes a bit hilarious when any one of them decided to add their own flare to the way the circuit was suggested to be done. Dusty even got to come to a few classes and Grandma Kim to one. Of course on the days Dusty joined us JJ wanted to "show off" but mostly acted like a spaz because she was so thrilled to have daddy there. Most days however, she did very well at "walking like a gymnast", listening to the directions and was glad to be there. I really cant believe how much JJ grew in her skills during the 13 weeks of class. To our dismay as parents, her ability climb on or over everything has drastically improved. But we are amazed at how much strength and body control she has gained! And there isn't much that is cuter than our little toddler in a sparkly leo!

A little nervous the first day 


All ready for their after class stamps


A "timber" flopping on the mats is JJs favorite part

Bouncing like a star!


Forward roll

JJ getting an early start on the bear walk during the instructions
Hop hop like a bunny!

JJ is doing the belly to bum logrolls, Amelia is a bear, and Ellie is a frog, three originals!

"Hands on our hips because we're gymnasts!"
Oh what fun in the foam pit!

Jayney LOVED class with Coach Ashley

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