Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas from Dusty and Erin... the bad bloggers!

You may have just gotten our Christmas card, noticed the little insert reminding you about our blog, and thought to yourself "but I have checked their blog not long ago and there wasn't anything new to read!" Well that would be completely correct, but something we hope to be better about again. We have worked hard in December catching up several of the highs and lows from our year just like many people do on their annual Christmas card. But lets be honest, there is just no way Erin and her wordiness could fit the whole year in one letter. So we have the best of intentions when we say stick reading with us, for lots of fun as we embark on many new adventures we know are coming for us in the near future. In the coming year you will read about the progress on our new house plan, Jayney's 3rd  birthday, a road trip to California, life on the farm , Baby Sisters arrival and how that will likely change well, pretty much everything, just to name a few! 2015 is going to be quite the year!

We hope that your New Year is full of many blessings too! We truly cherish the friends and family we have in our life and are so glad to have the love of those around us. We hope that you will keep us updated (hopefully better than we did for you in the last year) on your new adventures so we can celebrate with and support you too!


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