Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Riverfront Park Day

       What do you do when they day is nice but the wheat is still to wet from recent rains to cut? You take a family day to go to Riverfront Park of course! There are lots of difficulties about farming during harvest, but rainy days (and the drying day or two after) are much needed oasis in the desert of 80 hour work weeks! With a WHOLE day of having Dusty/Daddy all to ourselves JJ and I jumped on the opportunity for a fun trip to Riverfront park. Thanks to a great deal on Groupon we were able to treat Jayney to her first experience on the rides too! I was pleasantly surprised how many she was allowed to go on even at just 18months. She loved them all and would chant "MOH, MOH!" at the end of each ride. She would have gone on the rides "more" all night if we had let her. We also were able to squeeze in an Imax movie, a tiny bit of shopping, ride a gondola over the Falls, and a nice dinner downtown. In all it was a very fun day with our little Peach!

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