Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Growing in the Season

       The plants and the little person are both growing like crazy. Every time I look at back at pictures, even over just a few weeks, I am amazed how quickly they both change. It is a clear reminder that these seasons, both the summer and the special time with Jayney are fleeting, and ever changing. I love seeing the change that happens in our garden each summer; plants transforming quickly from seedlings to buds to a beautiful blooming flower. This summer I am also seeing so many changes in Jayney too. At the start of this season I felt like I still had a baby but now I see her growing into a little girl right before my eyes. From walking to swiftly scurrying and learning talk to showing emotions, she is blossoming more every day!  I want to soak up each day and hold on to the sweet little moments because I know they will be gone in the blink of an eye. Soon it will be a new season, with joys and struggles to claim its own, but this time right now will never be here again. They only thing I can do is savor it, learn from the hard times and know how blessed we are to be given such joy in our life. 
    Oh and I may have over-compensated for my fear of forgetting any one particular moment by taking far too many pictures.
Finally starting to look like summer!

Going to get seed with Daddy

Playing at the car dealership
An epic stare down over the tennis ball

Moosey doesn't mind if the ball or stick only gets thrown and inch, a throw is a throw!

A wag and a smile = two happy critters
Getting ready for summer work
Helping mom bake
Taking care of business at FCB

Planting veggies

Nope, not eating dirt mom. It is a stick!

Gardening some more

Ooooh a horsey
Wheee Wheeee!
Not so sure about "little" Ellie getting bigger than her

Farm yard friends for the farm girl

Keeping mom running since 2012

And she is off again!
Checking on the sprouts

It is always greener on the other side of our fence

Playing at parties
Learning to Oink
Splashing in the new pool
Taking a break... Where did all those legs come from?
Getting kind of big for the baby tub
Telling me where the Ki-ki is hiding
Climbing all on her own. Up the slide and on to the kitchen table too! Yikes
Going on walks with mom
Playing with Grandpa

Kisses for Daddy
Uh oh, kisses for horsey too!
Off to work. If she had her way, the whole cooler would be full of fruit snacks!

Family Bike ride to get Fro-yo
Jayney upon noticing Daddy had a treat and she did not... yet!

Helping with laundry
Saying hi to the guys
Having a snack at the pool

Off and driving already?!?
Ok, maaaaybe we have a few more things to work on before she is "all grown up"

Cherishing the few days JJ want to just sit in the Boppy and Bink-out in our pajamas and bad hair-do like old times. It doesn't get much better than this!

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