Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The mobility of a walking baby makes playtime so much more interactive lately. We have seen Jayney have a much greater enthusiasm for building and scooting things lately. She loves grabbing her goodies from the toy box all on her own, as opposed to having one selected by us and placed in front of her like often happened before she was able to go to pick one for herself. It amazes me that every day with our Jayney is more fun than before. Of course we (either JJ or me, hopefully not both, ha ha!) still have our bad days but the happy smiling ones far out weigh the cranky. We have been having fun indoors waiting for the weather to warm up and these are just a couple of days recently when I managed to capture our good time on camera
Jayneys UH-OH face hahaha

Showing off her top teethers

"Transporting" toys all over the house
No. I did not just post a blink face... that is how JJ "winks" at us! So funny

Checking to see if  daddy and I saw her wink

Oh there's the tears... mad I wont let her have the camera. Must be time to go back to playing with her!

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