Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Busy but not "Busy Work"

Now that Jayney is becoming more and more independant everyday, we are trying to find ways to keep her busy, but not feel like we are giving her "busy work." Last week we were invited by a friend to visit Mobius Science Center for the first time and it fit this goal perfectly. JJ was able to be active and explore to her heart's content! Although she doesn't quite understand everything there yet, she still had a great time. We spent the morning experimenting with soil/water tables, going down the slide, sharing blocks in the baby area, playing musical instruments, riding a scooter, looking at snakes, and watching the bigger kids. I wish I could grow an extra set of hands in this situation so I could have taken more pictures of these activities but I guess I shouldn't feel too bad since in the long run JJ would rather have me putting the two hands I do have to use in playing with her. But I did manage to sneak a few pictures in our playtime! The teacher in me has planned many more trips back in the years to come so I am sure eventually I will be able to capture all the activities!

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