Friday, September 28, 2012

Dusty's B-day trip to Pullman

This September we spent Dusty's 27th birthday in Pullman. We towed our camper down and stayed at the the Stratton's farm. They have a u-pick garden where we worked at a little one summer when we lived in Pullman. I am sure tailgating on campus would have been fun but nothing could beat looking out our camper windows over 3 acres of flowers and endless Palouse wheat fields. 

We were excited to take Jayney to the park to play on the big toys for the first time. She was okay with the slide, liked the swing and spinning roundabout and absolutely loved spring loaded rocking horse/cow thing.

We have been anxiously waiting the day we could take JJ to her first Cougar football game. She was great during the game. I think she was a little nervous when we were walking in and first time people started cheering. She kept looking around like "why is everyone yelling" but once we got to our seats and settled in, she seemed fine with the whole situation. It was cute to see JJ really checking out all the people around us and the interesting sounds. Dusty and I had a great time watching the game, and JJ had fun playing with a pom-pom, beads, and a new cougar stuffed animal!


We had a bunch of fun visiting all our favorite places, seeing people on campus, catching up with other Coug friends and showing JJ how the football team can "Coug' it" in a matter of just 5 minute of a game. Even without the coug win it was a great weekend away! 

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