Monday, August 23, 2010

Seattle Weekend Trip

Here is a mini diary of our mini vacation. I am very glad Dusty made time to take the trip before he had to start wheat harvest.

Friday Day 1: The 5th Wheel made it with no problems or suprises. However, I do not want to do the math on the fuel milage to get here. Driving over the pass I could almost hear the truck rumbling "gulp, gulp, gulp" as it sucked up the fuel. After unhitching, we went to the Woodland Park Zoo and I got to feed a giraffe. Then we went to the Ballard Locks where we saw big salmon and a seal. Tommorow is going to be even more fun because I am NOT going to mistakenly think that my good walking shoes were in the truck when in actuality I had left them in the camper... Stupid Sandals!

Saturday Day 2: Today was awesome! The Seattle Underground tour was so great. Our tour was followed by a crowded walk through Pike Place Market to find some lunch. Then it was on to the Aquarium where we saw all kinds of creatures. After that we went on an Argosy Harbor Tour. It was neat to see a different perspective of the Seattle skyline and catch a little breeze. Next we went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. It was SOOO good; I wish we had one in Spokane. But then again, I don't because I would want to go the way too often. Lastly we squeezed in a bit of shopping before finishing our day by going up the Space Needle at dusk. We even watched some fireworks off in the distance.

Sunday Day 3: Our Space Needle tickets were good for two trips up in a 24 hours span, one day/one night, so today we started with another view from the top. Then we went to the Pacific Science Center. I absolutly loved the butterfly house. I could have stayed in there all day. Next we went to the Boeing Museum of Flight. They have some cool exhibits about the history of planes. It felt like we went back in time a bit. Last we went to visit our friend Nick where he lives in Mukilteo where we saw an adorable little light house, ate seafood for dinner on the beach at sunset and I found a huge sea shell. We went back to our 5th wheel and went to bed for a few short hours before getting up hitting the road so Dusty could make it back to work Monday morning bright and early. The End!

Whew! When we take a vacation we make it count. I do think it is funny the weekend we ended up going to Seattle (partialy to get out of the heat Spokane was getting) there were record high temps on the coast... but it does make me feel a bit less wimpy for saying "gosh it is HOT today!" about a thousand times on Saturday while we were walking all over downtown.
P.S. As soon as we got back into Spokane Dusty had to jump right into the combine and start cutting. So to clarify the last few pictures in the slide show are from the first day of harvest.

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