Sunday, August 19, 2012

Half Year Half Pint

JJ is six months old! We really cannot believe how fast a half a year has gone. It is even hard to remember how small Jayney was when she was born. At her six month appointment Jayney weighted in at 15 pounds 5 ounces which is the 50th percentile. For height she was 26.5 inches long, which is the 75th percentile. 
At six months old Jayney is now sitting up on her own when we help her get into position. She has also developed an affinity for her toys and has selected a few favorites: taggy horse, soft cow book, and her snuggle bear at bed time. We always put her little blanket bear next to her when we put her down for the night. I think it is how she knows it is bedtime. 
In other milestones, JJ has now mastered rolling over and uses it as a mode of transit from one side of our living room to the other. She will often  stop along the way and hit her hand on the base of her swing or her jumper. I think she is trying to tell us she wants to use these things when she rolls to them or maybe she just likes the percussionary sound her slapping hand makes. 
    Our little princess is getting a larger vocabulary each day.  She now is making lots of goos and gaga, lalala, and possibly even dadada sounds in addition to the whoooing that she had mastered at four months. We get to listen to her giggle on a regular basis and have started to figure out what things particularly tickle her funny bone. In case you were wondering JJ's funny bone is right near her collar bone. If we  blow raspberries or tickle her neck she just busts up laughing. A lot of that giggling happens right before bed or nap times. JJ gets the fall asleep sillies! I have a feeling this will continue as  she gets older as a bedtime stalling tactic!
       We are still getting two to three naps from Jayney most days.  If we let her sleep in really late or if we are busy running around town she  will miss one. Every once in a while we will have a rare day where she only naps once but if that is the case it is typically a colossal three to four hour nap. On a normal night  Jayney is going to bed about 9 and will sleep between 11 and 12 hours.
Recently we  have had a great time enjoying summer as much as we can during hay and wheat harvest. During hay harvest Jayney and I spent quite a bit of time  hiding from the heat crafting inside. JJ is a great sport and likes to play in her jumper after nap time so I can make her some pretty hair bows. When Dusty had a free day here and there we have worked in our garden some, enjoyed a bbq with friends from church and went to a beautiful wedding in Pullman. Just this last week Dusty managed to round up four days off all together so we could go to the coast with our friends Craig and Michelle. 
Jayney did amazing on her first big road trip, except when her inconsiderate parents made the  mistake of thinking it would be a good idea to stick her in the freezing ocean! I will  have to write about that more in another post. It is just to traumatic to include here! We hauled our 5th wheel camper over and once we got it parked it was the perfect  home away from home! It was nice to have a place I  could go to feed JJ and know that if she was fussy, needed a quite place to nap or woke up in the night we wouldn't be bothering anyone.
       Right now JJ is still just nursing about 5 times each day. We will be starting to feed her ''solid'' food more  regularly as she tested out rice cereal for the first time last night. She had a whole audience of spectators as Dusty's aunt Wendy, cousins Patrick and Anna are in town visiting all the way from Denmark.  The first trial of food was hardly what I would  call solid as it was mostly mixed with milk, but she eagerly lapped it off the spoon for her captive onlookers! I hope that future foods will go as well but know that it can be a tough transition for some breast feed babes. 
I can sit up on my own now!
Well, I think that is about all for news on our little lady. We still are blown away by how amazing and special our Jayney is for us! It is now surprising to consider we thought our life was complete before she was a part of it. I find myself trying to remember what my life was like before she was here. I am certain our life is a million times better now because of the daily blessing Jayney brings into our world. 

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