Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fun on the Fourth!

Happy July!
Almost sitting up... this only lasted a few seconds
We had a great 4th of July! Dusty had the day off thanks to a small break in the work for cutting hay. Really is was unusually perfect timing! Jayney celebrated the holiday by rolling over for the first time! Sadly Dusty and I both missed it, as he was doing dishes (yes, he is that awesome) and I was packing to leave. I was alerted to her new skill by Dusty yelling, loudly! Really, I thought Jayney was going to be blue or something equally scary when I came stampeding down our hallway to where she was peacefully laying on her belly on her play mat in the living room. Dusty, already knowing my answer, pointed at her and said "did you leave her like that?!" I was a rush of emotions. I was so proud of her for meeting another milestone and then utterly miserable for missing it completely. Thankfully, especially for my mood's sake, Jayney was very willing to show us her rolling over trick again. With just the slightest bit of coaxing she rolled over twice more before we continued getting ready for the day.
Grandma Kim!
Self entertaining with the feet!
Mmmm, tasty tootsies!
We went out to my parents boat and just relaxed and visited most of the afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed getting a little extra vitamin D laying on the dock while Dusty and JJ hung out in the boat cabin. Jayney was in an extra giggly mood and throughout the afternoon  she found Aunt Lexi's silly dancing hilarious! Alli and her delightful boyfriend, Travis, arrived after she got off work.

Alli and Travis
Kiki loves Lexi

JJ's first boat ride!

Go Cougs!
Pretty sunset while waiting for the fireworks.

In the early evening we all had dinner on the boat and got ready to take a cruise out on  the lake. We found a good spot and had a perfect view for Jayney's first fireworks show. I had been a bit curious about how she would take the whole evening, with having to wear a constraining life jacket when we were out of the boat slip, the loud boom and flashing of the fireworks. She surpassed everyones expectations and only cried while we were actually in the process of strapping her into the life jacket. Once she was in it, she was surprisingly tolerable of the debilitating bulk around her body. The fireworks show didn't bother her at all either. My dad, Captain Steve, did a great job keeping a good distance.from the show so it wasn't too loud and also safely navigating the crowded waters back to our marina. Once we were back in dock, we gathered our things and headed home. Our Jayney Joy continued to impress us at just how amazing of a baby she is and we had a fabulous 4th of July as a family. I don't know how I ever got so lucky!
Happy girl watching the show! So content she feel asleep and we had to wake her up for the grand finale.

Life is good, especially on the lake!

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