Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jayney's Four Month Update!

Jayney is four months old! Every time I look at a calendar these days I am just amazed how much time has gone by. It all goes too fast! Today she had her four month check up and shots. She is right on track with all her measurements. Her percentiles were exactly the same as last time 50th for weight and 95th for length! JJ is now 13 pounds 12 ounces and 26 inches long. The stats explain why all of her pants are gigantic around the waist and so short that they look like capris! It is a good thing we have lots of little summer sundresses.

I love the schedule that JJ had adopted right now. She is still a great little sleeper, she falls asleep  after I feed her between nine and ten at night and we go in an wake her up between six thirty and seven in the morning when Dusty gets up to get ready for work.  On top of a great night’s sleep she still is pretty good about taking two or three naps each day for around an hour each.
When she is awake she is so fun!  In between the five-ish times she nurses, she is working on sitting up and rolling over but hasn’t quite mastered either. I am sure she could roll all the way over if she wanted to but she would much rather stay on her side. She also likes to sleep on her side.  She has figured out how to kick her legs and turn herself around on the floor so she can have a better view of what is going on, all while lying on her back and side. When JJ does tummy time she plays well with the toys we put in front of her for a little while then squirms and gets kind of grumpy. If I don’t help her roll to her back at that point usually she will just put her head down and rest which usually turns into sleep.
Teething toys are a big hit right now, as she has a few chompers popping through. Teething has made her a slightly crabby some evenings. Jayney gets irritable and smacks her arms up and down. Typically it works to feed her and then she will fall asleep and be fine. When that doesn’t work we give her a few dissolving teething tablets for pain relief and then she is out like a light!
We are struggling some with giving her a bottle right now. We have been giving them to her fairly consistently since she was a week old but we missed just a few days here and there and now she is resisting them more lately. Now that we realized this Dusty is giving her a little tiny bottle each morning to create more of a comfortable habit. When she is really hungry in the morning, she gobbles the bottle down but other times in the day she would rather just wait it out until I feed her, even if that time is well after her normal scheduled feeding.
 We have also found out that our Jayney has a very sensitive nose! Each time that she had been around perfumes or other strong smells she gets so mad. She will cry her little head off until we are away from the smell.  It was hard to accommodate this at first when we didn’t know why she was upset but now that we know it bothers her it is getting better and easier to manage.
Jayney and I have great conversations every day. Her favorite thing to say is “whoooo-whooo;” it makes it sound like a little owl is residing in our house!  She is a sometimes shy around new people and doesn’t talk much but once she gets going there is no stopping the chatterbox. Dusty would add “just like her mother!”  When she is playing or talking to us she loves to reach out and grab onto anything in her reach. This ranges from my hair and Dusty shirt collars, to her toys and feet!  She is getting to where she intentionally shakes toys to hear their rattle noise. It is amazing to see her learning!
I still can’t believe how perfect our little girl is for us. Dusty and I are thankful every day that God gave us an easy baby! I know we have been blessed immensely by having her in our life!

Here are a few pictures to show how much she has change in the last four months. Really it is just crazy!

Six Days

One Month

Two Months

Three months
Four months

Six Days Old Tummy Time
Four Month Tummy Time

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