Monday, December 19, 2011

A blog dedicated to bragging on my wonderful Dusty!

I am so proud of how handy and industrious Dusty is with his work. What is my current example you may be wondering? Recently he took on the job of installing a new beam under my parent’s lake cabin. This may sound like an easy task but I assure you there was a great deal of skill and risk involved.

The cabin was not set on a foundation but rather it was built on top of an existing deck. The last 40 or so years have taken their toll on the three big support beams under the deck. Over the years the front two beams have been replaced but the back beam, the one getting buried by the erosion of the bank behind the cabin, has been skipped over. That is until Dusty went to work on it.

To accomplish this task Dusty dug out the beam from where the hillside had filled in around it, built supports to jack up and lift the cabin, removed the old rotten beam and replaced it with new pressure treated lumber. Amazingly, to my skeptical-worrywart nature this was all done without cracking the walls/interior structure of the cabin, dumping the cabin into the lake, or smooshing anyone underneath the beam wicked witch style. That is a pretty good report if you ask me!

While this is meant to be a show of how fantastic my husband is, it is only fair that I mention he had two great friends (Nick and Otto) accompany him in the work on this job. I think this is also a credit to how great Dusty is in picking friends too… well there I go back to boasting on him again! I suppose this is where I should stop with my big talk. Not because he doesn’t deserve more, I just don’t want to make anymore husbands feel inadequate or wives feel jealous!



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