Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Keeping Secrets

I think now most people know we have been keeping a BIG (and getting bigger every day) secret for the better part of the summer. However, for posterity’s sake I wanted to mention it here on our blog so when I look back some day and read old updates and remember what was going on in our lives. Just in case you have been out of our circle of communication via either Facebook or in person, here is picture of our recently declassified covert operation.

Yes, that is an ultrasound picture and we are having a baby! We found out last week that it is a girl, although you will have to wait until February to know her name. We are still keeping that a secret until we meet her and make sure it fits her.

So far, I have had a fairly easy pregnancy by most standards. Early on I was absolutely exhausted (as in moving from the bed to the couch was a big accomplishment for the day) and had bad headaches more often than I would have liked. I was lucky in the fact that while I was regularly nauseous I never actually got sick from the feeling. Once I got into the start of the second trimester things really started improving.

Now I am about 20 weeks! It is hard to believe that we are at the half way mark. I think I may make 23 weeks my own unofficial halfway point though, as that would be the actual middle mark from when we found out until full term. I feel like counting the first six would be cheating since we had no idea I was harboring a little stowaway human.

I have just started to feel the baby move around in the last week or so. I had felt some fluttering prior to that but never anything I could be sure wasn’t a bit of my lunch talking. At our ultrasound I was able to clarify that distinction between baby and bubbles, when the tech told us she could see a kick on the screen and I could match that up with the feeling I was getting on the other side of the magic ultrasound wand thingy. It was pretty cool!

The next thing on our baby to do list is a camping trip to Glacier National Park; before I am so gigantic I wouldn’t enjoy a lengthy road trip. Then when we get home we will be starting to work on repurposing the room that is currently our office into a bedroom and of course decorating it with lots of pink!

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